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Introducing our special oyster recipe as oyster farmer

Secret recipe from aunt at Oyster Farm

Fried Oysters

  1. Raw oysters 300g
  2. Frying oil
  3. Batter coating: – Soft flour, eggs and “Panko” bread crumbs
  4. Cabbage
How to cook
Rinse oysters with salted water and drain in the strainer. Gently wipe off the excess water with paper towel.
Cover oysters evenly with flour. Then dip into egg wash and thickly cover with “Panko” bread crumbs. Oysters are very soft therefore apply “Panko” bread crumbs gently by using hands.
Heat up frying oil to 170 to 180 Celsius degrees.
Gently place the oysters in to the frying oil. Fry them until they become crispy and golden brown colour.

Spicy Tsukudani Oysters– oysters boiled down in soy

  1. Raw oysters: 500g
  2. Ingredients A:
    Soy sauce: 25cc
    Brown sugar: 20g
    Sake for cooking: 25cc
  3. Honey: 1.5~2 tea spoons
  4. Starch syrup: 1 tea spoons
  5. Olive oil: 1 tea spoon
  6. Garlic (minced): 1-2 tea spoons (or preferred amount)
  7. Red pepper (round slices): 1-2 pieces (or preferred amount)
How to cook
Fry the garlic with olive oil in the pan until it becomes fragrant.
Add “Ingredients A” into the pan until it is boiled, then add oysters into the same pan. Boil down with strong heat. As the scum appeares to the surface, skim off carefully. Stir with wooden spatula in order to blend the flavour.
Add honey into the pan.
Once it is boiled down, add starch syrup and red peppers into the pan and stir them.

Oyster Gohan– seasoned rice with oysters

  1. Rice: 450g (3 cups)
  2. Oysters: 300g
  3. Abura-age (fried tofu): 1/2 piece
  4. Konjac: 1/3 piece
  5. Carrot: 1/3 piece
  6. Burdock: 1/2 piece
  7. Dashi soy sauce (soy sauce enriched with Japanese broth): 50cc
  8. Japanese Sake: 1/3 cup
How to cook
Rinse rice and drain in a strainer. Then leave for 30 mins in order to fully drain the water.
Chop Abura-age and Konjac thinly and finely, and cut carrots and burdock into long thin shavings.
Add rice and Dashi soy sauce and Japanese sake into the rice cooker, then add water up to the scale. Add the remaining ingredients into the rice cooker and turn on the power.

Nutritions of Oysters

1Oysters helps you create beautiful skin

Oysters are rich in irons which prevent women from anemia. Suggest you to actively consume oysters especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, when irons tend to be lacked.

Oysters also helps you to have lustrous skins and hair as it contains high quality protein and minerals.

2Wake up in the morning without hang-over

Consume oysters whilst drinking alcohol in order to activate the liver enzyme so that it will prevent you from hang-over.

Also, oysters are full of arginine and zinc which may support you to boost up energy.

3Enjoy healthy and warm
oyster hotpot gathering!

In order to transfer glycogen into energy, it is efficient to consume oysters together with pork which is rich in vitamin B1, as well as onions or leeks rich in allicin. At the same time, taurine is soluble in liquids. So please enjoy the soup of hotpot so that you can effectively consume taurine.

During cold winter, eat oysters and stay healthy!

4100g of oysters contains
1,000mg of taurine

Taurine is an amino acid mostly present in human bodies and is one of most important nutrition for the growth of mammals.

Taurine can also prevent rise in blood cholesterol levels. At the same time, it may promote digestion absorption of fat and increase secretion of pituitary hormones which may support recovery from nervous system trouble and help maintain blood pressure at normal level. Taurine is also effective for prevention of lifestyle related diseases including arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

5Glycogen helps recovery from exhaustion, enhances physical strength and increases work efficiency.

Glycogen is an energy source for moving muscles and enhances activation of heart, liver, and spleen. It is the most ideal nutrition for recovering from exhaustion and enhances physical strength.

Glycogen also helps to produce necessary energy for boosting brain activation.

6Oysters are
“milk of the ocean”
and supporter for dieting

As oysters are known as “milk of the ocean”, it extensively contains fine protein, glycogen, vitamins and minerals. It is also consisted by minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, coppers and taurine. These nutrition are often difficult to consume from daily meals.

In fact, oysters contains almost zero fat. Therefore it is a suitable nutrition for diet as well.

7Super nutrition “Zinc”

Zinc is a mineral which consists more than 200 kinds of enzymes. It is required for various activities. When the body creates new cytoplasm during growth period, pregnancy, lactation and recovery from injuries, zinc is especially important nutrition to take.

It also helps to prevent you from infections, diabetes, dementia, cancer, antioxidative effect, pollinosis, cold, menoxenia and rough skins.

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