Introducing Yamakita Suisan’s Corporate Overview

About us

Jigozen – Home of Exquisite Oysters

Jigozen is located on the opposite shore of the world heritage “Miyajima Shrine”, and where two clear streams meet from Otagawa river as well as Miyajima primeval forests. Both streams bring Jigozen the rich sea waters which nurture the large, rich taste Jigozen branded oysters.

Yamakita Suisan – founded in 1955 – leverages its geographical advantage. We have been engaged in oyster farming with great care so that we can deliver delicious oysters to everyone.

Jigozen Oysters from Yamakita Suisan are also popular in the Toyosu market.

Greeting from CEO

Yamakita Suisan will deliver the finest oysters which are carefully selected one by one by the 3rd CEO.

In order to protect the Jigozen brand, I have been learning techniques from my father ever since I jumped into the oyster farming business about 25 years ago.

We are always happy and encouraged by our customers saying “oysters from Yamakita Susisan are different from others. It’s the most delicious”.

We will continue to offer the delicous oysters to our customers in order to maintain their smiles.

Company Overview

Company Name
Yamakita Suisan
August 1960
〒738-0042 5-30-12 Jigozen Hatsukaichi-shi Hiroshima, Japan
10 employees
Corporate representative
Takekuni Kitayama
Description of business
Oyster farming/ distribution (for heating purpose only)
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